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Thursday, May 15, 2014

As I looked over the analytics for this blog I noticed that there were certain topics that a lot of people search to find this blog. Since these are the questions some of you are having I figured I may as well answer them! Here we go.

Chungas Tacos Al Pastor 
One of my favorite Mexican places ever. It is pretty much under a freeway pass in Salt Lake but it has the most incredible food. They have delicious homemade chips and salsas and their al pastor everything is the best. I love that they serve it with pineapple. I talked about it in this post here.

Bill Cosby Santa Cruz
Hilarious! A few months ago we were watching Jimmy Fallon and Bill Cosby (love him!) was a guest on the show. At the end they said he would be in Santa Cruz the next month. Santa Cruz is super close so we had to make a little weekend trip out of it. He is still a hoot. 

Cardiac Ablation
Health stories are super boring I know so I'll keep this short. I have weird issues with my heart because part of it misfires signals. I went in to get that part of my heart ablated (removed) but then halfway though my surgeon had to stop otherwise he would have to put my on a pace maker(cause who wants to be on a pace maker in their 20's? Wooooo...!) Read about that story here

Gross Graphic Images 
Not sure what to tell ya with this one. Hopefully you're not finding those on here!

How to Cancel Out Eyebrows
And you want to do that why? I would probably not recommend that. But hey, maybe it's the next hottest thing?

I've Been Using the Same Loofah
Don't even get me started on this. I about die when I see a loofah in someones showers for months and months. Those things hold all kids of dead skin and bacteria. If you are a loofah person I recommend sanitizing that bad boy once a week. Warm, steamy showers are breeding grounds for bacteria. Yikes! Read my rant about them here.


  1. So entertaining! Every time I look at my loofah, I think of you ;)

  2. Haha! Gross graphic images? lol

  3. I love bill Cosby one of my all time favourite x

  4. I still get a kick on how people find my blog!! A lot of the time, I am NOT talking about those topics!

  5. Did someone actually find your blog by typing in gross graphic images?!?!?

  6. That's really interesting, I've no idea how you discovered this - is it goodle analytics? I've not used it, I might start. but those are really random :)

  7. I love looking at google analytics. The searches are hilarious.

  8. Awesome. I love looking at searches! PS: I'm so jealous you saw Bill Cosby! I love him.

  9. HAHAHA. I am dying. Oh the searches that bring us readers.


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