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  1. Hey hun!! I am SO sorry, your button wasn't appearing on my page as I am new to passion fruit and didn't know that I needed to tell it how many buttons to display! It is up and running now and I will be doing a Sponsor Highlight post about your blog!!

    Hope you have a lovely week!!

    1. Don't even worry! I am new to ALL of this! It is definitely a learning process. Thanks so much, that is super awesome!!

  2. Hey lady! Thanks for swapping with me :) Just signed up for your ad space also {and followed your blog!}. You and your hubby are adorable together. Looking forward to getting to know you. Happy weekend!

    Come join us on Sunday for the Super Sunday Sync blog hop! We'd love to have you :)

  3. I'd love to hear your sponsorship options! Email me at -- I just stumbled across you blog and I am already in love!



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