Cardiac Ablation

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday morning came very in 4:00am early.

Our apartment had cleaning checks that day so I was up until about 1:30 deep cleaning my apartment, so 4:00 came before I knew it.

I checked into the hospital and by about 5:45 I had my IV in, was all dressed up in my hospital gown and was heading down an elevator to go into the operating room.
The nurses and doctors were really nice and cracked some jokes to lighten the mood, but I was way too tired to catch their humor. 

There were about 5 doctors and nurses in room when I got there. They were all men who looked way too young to be doing this crazy procedure but I guess I'm getting old. They told me to go lay on the operating table so I got up and tried to hold my hospital gown together as I walked over. 
They told me to untie it so they could attach some electrodes so I sat there in the freezing cold white room while they did so. 

They hooked some tubes to my IV and told me I would start to get sleepy. About 10 seconds later I felt like something was pressing me into the table and my chest started to get super warm and boom I was out. 

I woke up back in my little recovery room and the nurse told me they weren't able to do the procedure. 
Whaaaaaaat? I was so confused. I was so excited for this procedure because I would finally be able to start jogging again, to be able to walk up stairs without my heart feeling like its going to explode.

Dr. Hwang came in and told us that once they got the catheters inside my heart they found that the cells that they needed to kill were very close to my heart's natural pacemaker so if they even slightly messed up I would have to use a pace maker for the rest of my life. On a funny note the doctor kept bringing up babies. He said, it's hard to have babies when you have a pace maker so we won't do that, and the medication he prescribed me as somewhat of an alternative to the procedure he said would be fine to have babies with.

Ummm okay. Thank babies anytime soon but thank you for the concern :)
They decided to put me on a couple different medications that would be an okay alternative to the ablation and had me stay overnight to see how I handled them. If they aren't effective they will consider   trying the operation later. 

My recovery has been a lot better than I anticipated. Besides my legs being pretty sore from the incisions and feeling pretty weak I really do feel pretty great. I'm suppose to stop even refined sugar until the end of time. I guess it makes my blood pressure drop too low. I have such a sweet tooth so that will be a challenge, but hey, here's to a healthier me. Oh and he said I cant ever fast again. That's going to be weird and I can already going to see the sass my future children will give me about that ;) I just cant seem to take enough naps though. I've been napping anywhere from 4-6 hours a day which make the days go by pretty quickly. 


Thanks to all my friends and family who came and visited! Tim, Grandma, Grandpa, Sharla, Kenz, Hailee, Jim. Seriously, THANK YOU!


  1. I'm getting an ablation on Friday and now you've introduced me to a new fear - that they might not even be able to do it! :o


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