New York City Summer Trip Part One

Monday, July 22, 2013

A couple weeks ago Tim found out he had got to go to NYC for work. He asked if I wanted to go and I debated it. I didn't want to spend the extra money yada yada but then I decided what the heck? You only live once! I would probably regret not going. And I would miss my husband. And why not go to New York when most of it is a business expense?? So I went! 

We took a red eye flight and had a glorious awful time. I think Tim slept for 45 minutes and I slept for about 10. Needless to say we were exhausted when we arrived at 6am! We dropped off our luggage since we couldn't check into the hotel until 3 and decided to wander the city. We headed towards the High Line. This is one of my favorite places to go in New York. It is so beautiful and the views are fantastic. It was a drizzly day but it was still gorgeous. We took that day for granted as we were met with 100 degree days plus endless amounts of sticky, sweaty, humid days for the remaining 9 days. 

This was just too funny. We sat down for a 2 minute break and he zonked out. I couldn't help myself. 

The next day we met up with Tim's brother and his wife who were in town for a Drama conference. It was fun explore the city with them. We enjoyed taste testing at about every restaurant in town and had Chinese foot massages (ouch!) and also went to the Guggenheim museum. There was a light exhibit where you lay on the floor and there are all sorts of crazy colors on the wall that gradually change. We also enjoyed the beautiful views of Central Park on a Sunday afternoon. You can see the colors reflecting in the room in the pictures below! 

We were there as the Zimmerman case was going on and there was a HUGE protest the day after he was declared innocent. It was really interesting to see the rally and protest march. I felt tingles just watching it all. It really is remarkable to see so many people rally together no matter what the cause is. The crowds of people stretched over a mile long where we saw them. It was especially neat that they gathered in Union Square especially after seeing Ragtime just a few weeks prior.

I have so much more to share but I won't overwhelm you. Look out for part two in the next few days!


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