Family Mission Statements

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm taking a family relations class right now and had to write a family mission statement. I've revised it about 100 times but I thought I would share with you my end result. I really enjoyed this assignment because it really helped me think about what goals and values will be important to my family now and in the future. 

Eaton Family Mission Statement

We are a family that puts God in the center of our lives. We strive to be life long learners, active citizens, and loyal members of society. We maintain healthy lives. As a family we will encourage, support, and strengthen one another.

We put God in the center of our lives by:
·       Being willing to serve those around us
·       Magnifying our callings
·       Attending our church meetings
·       Attending the temple once a month
·       Treating others with kindness and respect
·       Studying the scriptures with an alert and attentive mind
·       Seeking out the will of God for direction in our lives
·       Being quick to forgive
·       Paying an honest tithe
·       Being humble and selfless
·       Encouraging and uplifting others
·       Praying for each other
·       Teaching children principles of the gospel at an early age

We strive be life long learners, active citizens, and loyal members of society by:
·       Always being truthful
·       Honoring our commitments
·       Valuing our relationships with others
·       Being involved in our communities
·       Staying current and aware of political matters
·       Perceiving struggles as an opportunity to serve someone in need
·       Keeping up to date on current events 

We maintain healthy lives by:
·       Exercising regularly
·       Eating healthy, nutritious foods
·       Getting an adequate amount of sleep each night
·       Being early to bed and early to rise
·       Refraining from drugs and alcohol

We will encourage, support, and strengthen one another by
·       Pushing ourselves to accomplish tasks we may find difficult
·       Creating a budget and sticking to it
·       Trying new things
·       Seeking out higher learning
·       Embracing one another’s hobbies
·       Communicating openly and honestly
·       Being an active listener
·       Eating meals together
·       Living simply and within our means
·       Spending quality time doing wholesome activities together

When we as a family strive to be life long learners, active citizens, and loyal members of society we will be able to make smart choices that will bless our lives. We will be blessed with a strong and capable body when we maintain healthy lives. When we encourage, support, and strengthen one another our family will become stronger and we will bond together.

What do you think? Do you have a family mission statement?  


  1. I think this is awesome for you guys to build this foundation for your marriage and family before babies! We are doing a parent/child dedication class right now to prep for baby Hart's dedication and we are coming up with family goals/commitments

  2. I like this! I might steal it for my family :)

  3. i love this ideas, you're awesome.


  4. Yes, we have a family mission statement as well as a marital mission statement. They are both hanging in my office, serving as great reminders! Your mission statement is wonderful and specific. Awesome job!


  5. I love this!!!! :) I had to write a personal mission statement in my Family Resource Management class, but I didn't spend too much time on it :P I really want to do this though, it's a great idea!


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