Food Obsessions

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I always seem to go through "food fads." I will constantly CRAVE something and then get totally burned out on it out of nowhere. Except for Cafe Rio salads. That will never go out of style. Anyways, last spring I was on a lemon water kick but then it slowly simmered out.

This past week limes have been on sale so I bought a whole bunch and have been LOVING lime water! O my goodness I cannot even tell you what a treat it is. You just have to try it.

I always knew that lemon water was great for cleansing your system as well as awesome for your kidneys. I just did a little research and many even would say that limes are more nutritious than the lemon. Limes are high in calcium, iron, phosphorous, and vitamins a & c. These vitamins all help to fight off heart disease, inflammation, and cancer. Heck yeah! Not too much limes are super cheap! Drink up :)


  1. Have you seen the recipe on Pinterest for Cafe Rio salads?! It's there. :D

  2. Whaaaaat? O my gosh I think I love you Shantel :)


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