The Day I Got Hit By a Car

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tim and I went on our date night tonight. We had a super yummy dinner at P.F Changs and then headed over to the dollar theatre to see a movie. Tim dropped me off in the parking lot and he drove off to find a parking spot. I was crossing the parking lot when I looked over and saw a car coming. I looked straight at her and then WHAM! She ran right into me! I slapped my hands on the hood of her car and then down I went. I laid there for a second then got up and just looked at her all confused. Before I could say anything a lady that saw it all happen runs over and starts chewing the lady out.

I just stood there while this lady ripped the lady in the car a new one. The lady in the car said she couldn't see me because the sun was in her eyes. We ask her to pull over and come over and talk to me and then she just speeds off! Crazy woman!!!

A police officer happened to be at the theatre so he came over and ran the report and then he said he had to call an ambulance to check me out.

The ambulance came over and I had to get in and they checked my vitals etc. A bit embarrassing while all the people in line at the theatre were watching.

There were a lot of people outside the theatre that saw what happened to they got her license plate number. The police officer sent a detective out to go find her and give her a hit and run ticket.
What. A. Night.


  1. Wow! We're glad you are okay! Tonight I was on a story where a man was hit by a car and he didn't make it. Glad you are here to write about it!

  2. wow! You totally didn't even tell me this today! Crazy story! I am glad you are all right!

  3. Dang! That is pretty crazy... Had she pulled over you guys might have concluded you were okay and all could go on their merry way... But she ran!! I am glad you are alright and that there were plenty of witnesses!

  4. Shantel-Exactly! I just want her to learn to have some common decency from this whole thing.

  5. What!!!!!!!! She drove away????? Who does that?????????????

  6. Jessie-A crazy woman! I'm curious to see if they will fill me in on what happens.

  7. Were you able to see the car’s plate or remember how the lady looked like? You can use that information when you file a complaint. Be prepared to hire a personal injury lawyer. The lady who hit you should be liable for her actions. It’s a good thing you reported the incident right away.

    Nannie Leick

  8. Nannie- There were a ton of witnesses and several of them got the license plate number.

  9. Good thing the people around saw the license plate! By now the authorities must have done something to resolve the issue. Have you already filed a complaint? Even innocent bystanders and pedestrians can be involved in a car accident. It would be best to keep emergency contact info at hand all the time, especially when events like this happen. And most importantly, keep safe!

    Raleigh Crowl

    1. @ Raleigh – Yes, thank goodness for the people at the theater. Without them, it would be difficult for you, Kelsey, to identity the culprit. Any updates on this case? Well, I do hope that the driver was held responsible for what happened, especially to you. And taking appropriate action would teach her a lesson to be a responsible driver.

  10. This is so scary! What the heck!? Did they ever find her? I hope you are ok! Just saw you joined my blog! Thanks girl, I just followed you back and love your blog. Can't wait to be blog friends! :)

  11. WHAAAAT?! That is crazy, and I can't believe she ditched. That's a bad act. Thanks for entering my Firmoo giveaway, but this is crazy, not funny! Yikes! I'm glad you're OK!


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