First Impressions & Miscommunications

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Friday night Tim and I were up in Brigham City spending some time with his parents. We forgot our toothpaste so we used some of theirs. We were using Aquafresh at home but his parent's had Colgate. The conversation went as so:

Me: Aquafresh is the best.
Tim: Really? I feel like it doesn't make your mouth feel as clean.
Me:It gets as fresh as the water, the ocean!
Tim: Fresh as an orphan?
Me: Ocean!

I've been trying to sell my wedding dress the past few weeks. We just don't have room in our tiny apartment and I'm not huge into momentous things or holding onto things. Anyways, I have an ad up on KSL that says something like, "modest, size 2, petal sleeves, etc"A lady calls and says, "it's a size 2? Do you think it will fit my daughter? That seems awfully small. How tight was is it on?"
I had to keep from laughing. First off I have no idea who her daughter is so how would I know if it was going to fit her or not? A size 2 is a size 2, so if that size normally fits you it probably will I would think.

Tim and I were at a ward bbq on Friday night. Seeing as we are new in the ward we decided to try to get to know as many people as we could. I was talking to the couple sitting next to me and I heard the man say his name earlier but I couldn't quite remember what he said.
Me:"what were your names again? Jake?
Him says: Dan.
Me: Jan?
Way to get tongue twisted. 

This all happened after I dropped a hot dog on the ground, a spoonful of watermelon, and a cup full of lemonade.

I'm so good at first impressions!

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