Cheap Haircut

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I got my haircut yesterday after fighting with it for weeks. I would wake up in the morning with it tangled into a mess and it would even get super tangled in the shower. I decided it was about time for a change anyways so I just walked down the street, into a salon Great Clips (hey I'm cheap! Hubby loves it) and off it went! Kind of exhilarating. :)

In other news, our apartment is freeeeezing!!

Our apartment is half way underground so it's bound to get chilly. I never thought it would begin so soon though! I checked the thermostat this morning and it was 59 degrees in our apartment! Let's just say my studying was done under a pile of blankets with multiple layers on. I hope it doesn't get too chilly in the winter. I guess that'll just give me an excuse to drink lots of hot chocolate and bake lots of treats ;)

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