Never ever

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Never ever will I buy a massage off of Groupon again. I think that there must be a reason why they are needing additional advertising. I just had the most awkward, uncomfortable experience ever. 
Tim and I show up to the massage place 10 minutes late because we couldn't find the place. We couldn't find it because it was just a room in the back of a little tiny gym. So gross in there by the way.
By the time we fill out the endless amount of paper work it is 20 past the hour. A lady stands there with a rather large man and they tell us to follow them into the back. The woman tells Tim to follow her and I start panicking. I did not want to be in that tiny room with that old man haha!
We walk in the room and he tells me to undress to how I feel most comfortable but that most people find being completely nude most comfortable.
I had just come from the temple so I didn't have time to run home and grab an extra pair of undies so I was stuck. Oh man. TMI? Sorry.
Is it normal for them to start massaging your actual BUTT CHEEK? I think not. I was just dying. I freeze up when I feel uncomfortable though and so I just laid there holding my breath. Let's just say it continued to be very uncomfortable. Especially when the sweat dripped off of him and landed on my chin, I could have thrown up. So gross.
Will I be using his buy 10 massages get 1 free? Heck to the no. 


  1. bahaha that is SO awful, so laughable though.

  2. Haaaahahaha I have only ever had one massage and I hated it (I can't stand people I don't know touching me in places that are normally not touched by strangers, e.g. the back of my legs) so I don't know if this is normal, but what a hilarious story!


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