Music Can Be So Fitting

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I had the BEST night every last night. It was seriously so fun and just what I needed. I had an awesome day at school. I was suppose to have a client come in at 2:30 for a facial but they didn't end up showing up which opened up some time to do a trade with a girl in my class. I was able to give and receive a facial, so awesome. 

After school I drove up to Orem and met Kristjana at a chapel up there for a ward dinner they were having. Yummy food and meeting new people is always a good thing. 

Last minute we decided to go up to the UVU institute building for a dance. We were told you absolutely have to have a date but nonetheless we decided we would be fine without dates, ha! So we walk in the doors and immediately they ask where our dates are, I blurt out that they are waiting for us inside and they let us in questioningly. We met up with some friends there and we danced our little hearts out. 

We then went to a bacon party. Now what is a bacon party you might ask? I asked the same thing. We got there and there was every kind of food imaginable covered in bacon. Bacon wrapped yams, bacon ice cream, bacon burgers, you name it. So weird but so fun. 

Lastly KJ introduced me to this song that I cant even believe how perfectly it fits me, I feel like it explains me to a tee. 

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