Bloody Plasma Donation

Thursday, November 17, 2011

So today I hopped over to the Plasma center to do my bi-weekly donation.  I was finishing up and the gal wrapped my arm up and then walked away. I looked over at it and  super dark red blood starts tricking out of the bandage. It then turns into a full on river! Well maybe not a river but it was intense. It starts trickling and pooling up on the floor so I call her over and she fixed it all up and cleaned up all the blood. Poor thing, I'm sure that wasn't fun. Anyways, it took me like a little while to call her over because I was just stuck staring at it. I'm a little weird in that area. I love looking at blood, so fascinating haha!

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  1. I had a cortisone shot in my foot yesterday and when he pulled the needle out blood literally squirted out like you see in movies. Just gushing to the rhythm of my pulse. It was so gross, but so fascinating at the same time :)


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