Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving was awesome, yet very different this year. I picked up Mia (from my ward) and my cousin Courtney around noon and we started the 2 hour trip up to Eden. We arrived at my grandparents house and of course there was already stuff out to make sandwiches. My grandma is the sweetest lady. We then relaxed and chit chatted until my cousin from BYU-Idaho and her 2 roommates came up. We then made made dinner and lounged about some more. My grandma then played the piano while we all sang, which definitely brought me back to my childhood. 
We fired up the sauna and had a lovely little girl's night. What better way to bond then sitting in a 150 degree room in nothing but a towel. We then decided what better way to end the night than to watch Titanic? After that my cousin and her husband arrived and then we all had a midnight snack then headed off to bed. 
Thanksgiving morning was lovely. We ate a small breakfast then started cooking. At about 1:30 my grandma's sister and her boyfriend showed up along with my 2nd cousin and her mom. My grandparent's friend then came over and we started eating. The food was incredible, so yummy! After we ate about 20 of my cousins and aunts and uncles came up and we all played games and talked and laughed. We headed back to Provo that night. It was just the day off I needed! It was so good to be with family and new friends. 

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