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Saturday, November 19, 2011

If there is anything in this world I have trouble with, it's patience. Once I have my mind set on something I have such a hard time sitting and waiting for it to happen. 
The past few weeks I've definitely been learning the life lesson of patience. I'm not trying to whine or complain or pity myself, but there are a lot of things I want in life that I know I just need to wait for. 
My roommate and I had a long chat about this today. As much as we joke about how we love being single, we really don't love it. Sure it would be nice to have a boyfriend, or heck even go on dates haha, but maybe that just isn't in the cards for us right now. 
My biggest test of patience right now is waiting for Christmas. I am dying to see my family. I haven't seen them since May 23rd and it is killing me. I love my parents and my brothers more than anything and it has been really hard for me going so long without seeing them. They may or may not know it but they are my rock, they keep me going, and keep a smile on my face when I've had a rough day. My mom is my absolute best friend and I don't know what I would do without her. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out. I hope I can be half the woman that she is someday. 
I've realized though that there is something to be learned from every experience in life. I recently read a talk by Elder Uchtdorf where he explained the blessings that come from being patient. Jacob waited 7 years to be with Rachel, the Jews waited 70 years in Babylon, and the Nephites waited for the sign of the birth of Christ. 
Surely I can suck it up and be patient for the things I want in life -
Love, Marriage, Family, Traveling, Mission, A Real Job etc. 
Right? :)

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  1. There's something pretty amazing about going back to a blogger's first few posts. Isn't it crazy to look back on how you speak of being single and now you're married to your eternal companion and all things are continuing to fall into its rightful place? Or maybe this is completely creeper-ish but I'm glad you're living your happily ever after. I enjoy reading your blog. Have a great weekend!!


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