The Cat and the Hat

Friday, November 18, 2011

I feel like I'm in the Cat in the Hat story today. You know the one where he spills and uses the dress to clean it up, then something else to clean up the dress? 
I spilled some crystal light on a bunch of my school papers and workbook so I had the brilliant idea to put some bleach on a cutip to get the red stains off. I then looked down and noticed I had gotten bleach on my shoes and my pants so I got a black sharpie and colored in the bleach stains on my shoe and pants. I then got sharpie on my finger, but I think I'll just leave that alone now.
P.S Today has been an awesome day! I'm getting so excited for Thanksgiving on Thursday. I can't wait to be with my extended family, too bad my family won't be there.... but Christmas will come soon enough!

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