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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I admit I spend WAY too much time looking forward to the future and not enjoying the present.

  • When I was little I wanted to be 8 so I could be baptized
  • I wanted to be 12 so I could go to girls camp
  • I wanted to be 16 so I could date
  • I wanted to go to college to move out of the house
  • I wanted to be done with college to work
  • I wanted to stop working to go back to school
  • I want to graduate school so I can start my career

Holy moly! What am I doing? I need to slow down and just enjoy being 21.

My other thoughts of the day include...

  • Why do girls dress skanky, cuss like a sailor, have no respect for themselves and then get upset that they get treated like an object?
  • I miss the BYU-Idaho gym! It was amazing and had everything I needed, and it was FREE!
  • Why do men and women torture the other sex with all the games we play? Can't we just be honest with our feelings?
  • I'm moving a week from today to my new apartment and am so excited! Definitely excited for my own room and bathroom... :)
  • I never thought I would ever say this but dang, I sure love living in Utah!
  • So glad my eye doctor finally prescribed me monthly contacts instead of the daily ones. That is going to save me a huge chunk of change. 

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