Skinny White Girl

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

For as long as I can remember I have had the hardest time gaining weight, or even keeping much on at all. I know to a lot of people it sounds stupid and they usually just say, why don't you just eat more? It doesn't work.

It actually is super frustrating. I was checking out the BMI calculator and a healthy weight for someone my height and every site I've found says a normal weight for me would be 20 lbs heavier than I am! I probably wouldn't even look like the same person 20 lbs heavier. It sure would be kinda nice though. I hate feeling awkward and lanky and like a little girl. I feel like I have tried everything and nothing will work. My last try was to stop exercising to see if I jut burn too many calories. I ended up just losing all muscle and I look even lankier. Yuck! I bought a bunch of protein drinks and I think I am going to start counting calories and maybe try to add a few every day. Has anybody else ever felt this way, or have any suggestions?


  1. Have you tried tracking what you eat on It's nice because you can track what you eat, how much you exercise, housework etc. I found that I often undereat and it makes me gain weight because my body goes into starvation mode. Woops! And good for me to know. It's a really good program and it has an app for cool phones.
    You should definitely keep working out and I'm guessing the protein will help- especially right after a workout. I've also heard chocolate milk is good post-workout.
    Everybody has different body types, too. Love what you have!

  2. BMI calculators are a bunch of baloney. What matters is what's healthy for you, and I honestly don't think that BMI calculators are a good indicator of everyone's health. It sounds like your body has found a weight it likes and is maintaining it. All that matters is that you're physically healthy. :)


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