Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We hopped on the train to the airport to head to our final destination of Stockholm! It was a super short flight which was really nice. As we were walking out of the train station we saw tents everywhere and a bit Red Cross station. There were Syrian refugees everywhere and it was absolutely heartbreaking. It definitely made everything on the news hit much closer to home. We explored the town for a bit and decided on trying out a Swedish hamburger place that was supposed to be a good price and delicious. We had been skimping out on meals quite a bit in Norway (so expensive in Norway!) so a big juicy burger sounded perfect. We had no idea what anything was on the menu and we were too hungry to be adventurous and risky so we both went with what looked like a bacon cheeseburger. It was sooo good. I’m not normally even a burger person but Vigarda was awesome. 

While in Norway and Sweden we noticed that there were quite a few homeless people on the corners but it was much different than back in the U.S. It was usually a middle aged woman with a scarf on her head kneeling with a paper cup. Inside the paper cup was a picture of children or perhaps her family. She would reach out her arms and start talking in her language. We looked this up back at the hotel and apparently they were Romanian women. I guess the borders have become a lot looser and it almost turned into a business of people bringing them over to collect money from the Scandinavian countries where people are usually pretty well off and generous. Every few hours the “boss” comes by to check on the beggers and they collect their money. They are usually given room and board in exchange for “working.” It was really sad to see.

Sunday morning we headed out to Gamla Stan to check out more of beautiful Stockholm. We needed to try some authentic Swedish food so we went to Nystekt Stromming for some herring, lingon berries, mash and veggies. YUM. We did some more exploring and then made our way to the Vasa Museum. So amazing!! It is a 400 year old ship that sank in the Stockholm harbor on it’s maiden voyage and was underwater for over 300 years until they finally found a way to bring it up to land. It was very extravagant and had so much detail. Apparently living conditions were so bad in Sweden that people would rather go out to see and be a crew member than stay in town. Fun fact: the Vasa was the main inspiration for a lot of ships in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. Towards the end of our time at the museum Tim wasn’t looking so hot and was needing to sit down a lot and rest which is very unlike him. Usually he is the one pulling me around. ;) He asked if we could go back to the hotel for a quick nap. I checked on him after about an hour and he was burning up so I decided to let him sleep while I tried to find a good spot for dinner. He ended up sleeping for hours and looked awful once he woke up so we decided to bag the dinner plans. We ended up finding a little market a few blocks away so we stopped in and got some snacks and a salad and ate in. It was a bit of a bummer way to end the trip but luckily we had gotten up early that day so we had seen just about everything we wanted to see. 


  1. Ah man, I'm sorry that Tim got sick, but glad that it was at the end of your trip!! Sweden looks beautiful!

  2. What a stunning location! Hope he feels better!

  3. Love all of your fun facts ... and now I want a big burger haha!
    Sad Tim got sick, but good thing it was at the end!! Come back to Euro soon!

    xoxo welltraveledwife.com


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