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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hi, my name is Ben Coltrin (Kelsey is my sister-in-law). I’m trying to get the word out about some software I sell, and Kelsey has generously agreed to let me post something on her blog about it.
I wrote the Custody X Change software to help divorced parents create parenting plans and custody schedules and keep track of actual parenting time. The software works well for people who aren’t in a high conflict divorce (or in any kind of abusive situation) and who want to resolve their custody issues through mediation or negotiation without repeatedly going to court. A lot of parents use my software instead of hiring an attorney (which can save a lot of money) but some people use it along with their attorney.

My goal with the software is to help parents put their children first when making a parenting plan . Divorcing parents have a lot of things to deal with and I hope that my software is easy to use and that it takes away some of the frustration of working out the custody issues. With the software you can easily look at different kinds of schedules, look at different provisions to add to your plan, make changes as you need to, and keep track of what is going on with parenting time.

I’m working on a web version of the custody calendar  right now. The goal with the web version is to help parents communicate about their child and keep track of the custody situation. I hope it will be a valuable tool for people who are co-parenting.

Now, I hope most of Kelsey’s readers don’t need divorce software now or ever. But, a lot of people have siblings or friends who have gone through a divorce, so maybe you can tell someone about Custody X Change if you know someone who could use it. Thanks for helping me get the word out!


  1. I am no longer with my son's father and this looks like a great idea! We communicate pretty well and already have a calendar set up that I do, but I might be interested in using this as well. Great idea!!

  2. You are lucky. I tried to promote my scarves etc on a blog for a cpl years. No luck for me. Finding anyone to support this on a site. I hope your business is very successful!! Kelsey has lots of followers so I'll keep my fingers crossed!!!


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