Late Night Munchies

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Last weekend we were hanging out with our friends Lauren and Patrick and we decided that we wanted to go grab some dessert. This was right after we stuffed ours faces with pizza. We're so healthy. Tim joked that we should drive up to San Francisco and just share a ton of different desserts and create our own dessert food tour. We all laughed and then next thing we knew we were in the car and headed north up into the city. It was kind of hilarious. We were stuffed full of all sorts of randomness but it was seriously such a fun night. It also included trying to get rooftop access but we won't go into that, haha!

We ended up getting cream puffs at Beard Papa's, donuts at Bob's, ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamy, and fresh juice from some random cafe. It was such a fun night and a great way to go out with a bang before Lauren has her baby any time now. It was so funny watching Lauren run up and down the hills of SF 37 weeks pregnant. Cheers to fun times doing silly things with awesome friends.

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