Being Reflective

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Life is crazy. I think I've finally come to accept the fact that things never go as planned and whenever long term things are planned, they are bound to change. A lot of things in our lives in the short nearly 2 years that Tim and I have been married have changed.

When we were dating Tim had accepted a job offer in Boston with Teach for America. A few months later we found ourselves living in Utah and Tim was working at Goldman Sachs instead. Total career change there!

After we got married I had finished my Master Esthetician program at Aveda and was planning on working in the skin care industry. Instead I made the decision to go back to school full time and finish my undergrad.

After seeing a Facebook post from a very old friend about his team at Google hiring I casually brought it up to Tim and a few months later we found ourselves selling most of our belongings and packing up our car to move to the San Francisco area having never been to the area and having no apartment lined up.

3 months later Tim knew the job was a terrible fit for him and we knew we had to make a change. After lots of prayers, networking, interviews, and worrying he found a job that fit what he actually majored in at BYU and the pay was actually something we could live off of in this area. This place is no joke. $$$

2 years later rather than having just finished up a 2 year contract with Teach for America we are living in the bay area, Tim is working in corporate strategy in San Francisco, I am starting an internship promoting literacy in the community with a semester to go until graduation and we are nowhere near where we thought we would have ended up.

Sometimes I spend so much time worrying about how to line things up perfectly for the future. Where are we going to end up, when is it going to make perfect sense to have kids, do we want to live abroad or live close to family, where to work once I graduate, where should we go for Tim's MBA etc. I feel like there is always a never ending list of questions but in the end there really is no sense in making a set path of what will happen because life always changes, and I think I'm okay with that.


  1. Kelsey! I absolutely loved this post. Thank you so very much for sharing. We had a similar experience. Justin was dead set on going to the U for law school, and I would keep working at my job in sourth jordan. Well, of the 9 schools Justin applied for, the U was the only one that rejected him! Such a bummer. We ended up choosing northern Idaho, and paid the deposit for law school. A month later Justin was offered a big scholarship in Eugene at the U of O, and we just knew we needed to go! So now here we are. Crazy how life works out

  2. and somehow Gods plan is always better than our own. Life is crazy

  3. Oh girl, we know this alllllll too well. We have really been struggling the past couple weeks with where we are in life right now... it's not where we want to be, or where we thought we be after 6+ years of marriage, you know? But then again, other people who don't know us personally or our goals think we've got it all goin' on, ha! We are really learning to put our faith in God and that eventually His timing and ours will meet up and we will feel settled!

  4. I love this post and agree with the comments already made, God's plan is so much better than what we can plan out for ourselves! I hope you're thrilled to be where you are now and I'm excited to read what the future has in store for you and Tim!

  5. Life is funny sometimes.... :P But it's really fun to reflect and see where life has taken you!!! I definitely do that often!

  6. pretty picture. i hope you were able to sort things out while reflecting!

  7. I thought I commented on here last week, but I guess not.... what I was trying to say was that our lives are SO similar! Shawn and I have moved around so much because we took jobs that didn't work out or we hated the place we moved to....We have been shocked with the pathway the Lord has placed us on. We searched relentlessly for jobs in the NW, but lo and behold, we are as far East as you can get. I was SOOOO set on staying in the NW and being completely stubborn about it....So I guess moving to New Hampshire is what I get ;) We moved to Coeur d'Alene, ID for a job, then Shawn was laid off 3 months after we moved there and we were once again, unemployed for the second time in a year. We've been married 4 1/2 years and moved 6 times together. We've been in Boise, Denver, back to Boise, up to Coeur d' Alene for 8 months and now we are here. I plan on staying here for at LEAST 3 years because Shawn absolutely LOVES this job and gave his company a 3 year commitment to New Hampshire. But basically, I'm a huuuuuge planner. Planned my whole life and NOTHING has worked out the way I thought it would :) Except having 2 daughters in a row. That was a plan that actually panned out. haha!


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