Weekend Fun

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I always feel like the weekend feels like the end of a marathon. Not that I have ever run one, but one can imagine. We had a pretty crazy week this week with my brother being in town before he leaves for 2 years to Argentina. The end of the week was definitely nuts trying to get everything done. Tim has started some GMAT studying and I had tons of homework so we kept pretty busy. I realized I didn't bring any notebooks or paper with me so I've been doing stats homework on napkins. Super classy. 

We were lucky enough to sneak away and have some fun in the afternoon. We went down to Palo Alto for a BYU Strategy reunion get together and decided to stick around and grab some lunch downtown. I think we found a new favorite. We're obsessed. Definitely check out Curry Up Now if you get a chance. 

Hope you are all having a wonderful Mother's Day! I am bummed to be away from my mom but thank goodness for Face Time! I am thankful for all the ladies in my life who have influenced me whether they are mothers or not. 


  1. That lunch looks delicious! And I giggled at the stats homework on napkins...hey, you do what you have to do!

  2. Bahahahaha, you're doing your stats homework on napkins?!?! Oh man...


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