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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nothing is better at making you second guess yourself than a good old fashioned job interview. I had my first interview as a newly licensed master esthetician and it started off great...didn't end so great. 
I showed up to the place and had the first interview and it went really well. I used all the tricks I know. Disguise a strength as a weakness, etc etc. 

I then moved onto the next portion of the interview where I had to sell the girl some cleanser that I have never seen in my entire life. I stumbled through it but managed to do okay.

Next I had to cleanse and moisturize her face. Pretty easy except for the fact she had crazy long eyelash extensions that kept getting in the way of everything. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate those things? 

Finally I did an arm wax on the manager. They told me to double dip the wax which is a huge no no almost everywhere so I wasn't quite sure what to do. They also had the weirdest muslin cloth wax strips that were shedding everywhere and sticking to all the wax. It was pretty much a disaster.

Considering this is my first interview in this type of job I think it went okay, but the problem is I'm not sure if I would want to take it or not. The location is great but is it really worth it to take a job based on convenience? What if I don't even get any other interviews or offers because I would only be part time? I am not in dire need of a job immediately but it would be nice to have some extra income. 

How do you decide if you should accept a job offer or not?


  1. Coming from the view of a former cosmetologist (who did a fair share of facials and waxes), I would say follow your gut. Something else will come along that will be a better fit for you. Unless of course you are in need of a job immediately, then I would take it and keep on the hunt while you work. Unfortunately, turn over is pretty high in that industry.

  2. I think you did a great job at handling yourself and it's true that all interviews are like a scene from the Hunger Games. You're dodging fire balls, jumping over barriers and ducking from being hit with an arrow, all in the name of proving yourself. Here's the bottom line though: The interview itself is a two-way street. Just like they are interviewing YOU for the current position, YOU are interviewing THEM for a future place of employement, and semi-home as you will be spending several hours of your day, there.. It has to work for the both of you, and if you were unsettled or just didn't find it to be a good fit, then move on to the next interview, which I'm sure will come along shortly. To them, you are just one in a dozen and can be replaced, but you are not replaceable and deserve to have higher expectations for a hard-earned certificate/degree and status that you accomplished. So, rock on Master Esthetician! :)

    1. Thank you for commenting on my blog. You're so sweet and you're very welcome. I'm glad I could offer some comfort. The world is pretty good and rejecting us, but when we work hard for what we want in life, it's our duty to ourselves to be at peace with our decisions, and I think you already know what yours will be in this situation. Big hugs! xo

  3. oh my word this post made me sweat just reading it! I am a total DOOZIE when it comes to selling product- merely because i HATE it when someone tries to sell me on product after a treatment.. therefore I hate doing it. And on a product you've never seen? Like, no. And the double dipping.. what is that?! Weird!

    I would stick to your gut. If it's convenient maybe take it and see how it goes! Why not?

    Good luck girl, I'm anxious to hear!!!

  4. I would still to your gut and intuition. In the past, when I interviewed for jobs, I knew automatically before going in... if I wanted it or not.

  5. ugh I hear you girl!!! I graduate in a month and I need to start looking for a job but I have noooo idea what I want to do ): it's the worst!

  6. Do what you think would be best for yourself. If it's not right The Lord will always give you a better opportunity and then you can mark this one as a good practice

  7. Sounds like you pulled through pretty good! I would go with your gut. When you're offered the job, think about if it's really right for you before accepting! Good luck :)

  8. The muslin was strips are definitely not my favorite! Good luck with your dream job interview today! :) I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  9. Job interviews can be stressful...I can't even imagine how stressed I would be at a performance based job interview like yours!

  10. I hope your dream job later in the day went better! Unless you are desperate for money, don't take a job you don't love. That's all i got... ;)

  11. Simply put: Don't settle. Take the job that you KNOW you'll be happiest with--be picky AND smart! (Sydney talks about that more here: The first interview is rarely for THE job, anyways :).

    Take care and hope the perfect job finds you soon!

  12. Don't work for a place that double dips!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  13. I went on a job interview when I first moved here. I didn't think the first interview went great but I didn't think it went horrible either. I got a second interview. I always research anything I do. So I researched the Montessori School where I would be an administrative assistant. One of the reviews showed that not one but twice, a GOOD teacher was let go on the fly. That concerned me. When it came to ask questions at the end of my second interview, I flat out asked them if they thought employees were expendable. They said office staff is not but teachers are. I did not like that. She said due to the daycare competition they have to do.... and then I stopped listening. It was awesome pay. I get paid NOWHERE near as much as I would have there. But I knew that was the wrong place to be. I walked away from there. I get paid less now but I love my job. I work from home, make my own shifts and the company actually cares about their employees.

    I say, follow your gut. :) Saying no may be hard but it may be harder to be at a place you do not feel comfortable at.


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