Moving Mountains

Friday, March 1, 2013

A youtube video has been circulating around lately and it really hit home for me. I felt emotions I hadn't felt in a while and really made me grateful for a lot of things in my life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

eloquent graffiti


  1. i saw this video! my friend posted it on facebook. it made me so happy :)

  2. I just shared that talk with my young women last week, I wish I had known about this video. So powerful and wonderful. Of course, it's probably better that I bawl my eyes out within the walls of my own home than in a young women class. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.
    xo TJ

  4. What an amazing video! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks for linking up with us for the "Let's Be Friends" GFC Hop!! ♥ your newest follower!


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