Friday, March 1, 2013

There is no other way to put it. Tim and I are cheap. I guess thats what happens when two frugal people get married. The idea of spending $9 a person to see a movie seems crazy to us so we wait and wait until it goes to the dollar theatre and paying $1.25 is our "splurge" of going out to the movies. 

Tonight we broke out rule and went out to the real movie theatre! It was the first time in over a year that we had been. On the way to the theatre we were driving on a main road and out of nowhere a skateboard flies infront of our car and we try to hurry and slow down then a teenage boy dives in front of us trying to grab the skate board. We had to slam on our brakes and swerve. It was the scariest thing. I was so terrified that we wouldn't be able to stop in time. I have no idea what he was thinking. Jumping in the street to save your skateboard is NOT worth losing your life and getting killed. Poor guy was probably scared to death. 

Then, while we were waiting in line to get our tickets a couple was standing in line if front of us with their 4 year old daughter. The cashier told them that nobody under the age of 6 was allowed into a rated R movie after 7pm. They flipped out. I was so shocked! Why in the world is their 4 year old at a movie theatre instead of getting ready for bed at 8:30pm? I don't think kids that age should be allowed in a rated R movie no matter what time it is.The poor kid is going to have nightmares!

What do you think? Do you think there should be stricter rules about kids and rated R movies? Do you like it how it is? I'd love to know what you think. 
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  1. I am right there with you about being a cheapskate. Prices these days are ridiculous! There is a drive in theater nearby that me and the hubs go to and it's only 6 bucks a person. Plus our 2.5 year old can go and she is free! We definitely don't take her to R rated movies though. Mostly just cartoon ones =)


  2. Yea I'm cheap myself. I dont think the movies cost 9 bucks for where I go but during the day it's like half of that. or something. But heck if you buy drinks and candy and pop corn you've almost spent 20 bucks at where I go. Its ridiculous.

    Ladies should always carry a big purse like bag and carry snacks in it esp if they have kids and take canned drinks. it'd be way cheaper.

    glad you stopped by. would love to hear from you. looking forward to reading your other posts.

  3. I would never take my child to a movie theater unless 1) the movie was age appropriate and 2) they knew how to behave.

    However, I understand that what's right for me and my family may not be right for others. Some people have no problem with their children watching whatever they want. Some parents will watch the movie before taking their children. To each their own.

    Ultimately it is my responsibility as a parent to guard my child(ren)'s heart and mind. Not the movie theater. I don't think we need stricter rules with R-rate movies- we need better parenting!

    That being said, I would fully support an adults only movie time (like the age restriction your theater uses).

    and YES! Why is a 4 year old up at 8:30pm????

  4. I agree with you! Although I know some parents who will bring their already sleeping little one to a relatively empty theater so they can catch a movie, and the child sleeps through it, I dont really agree with the practice. And especially if the flick is rated R. In my opinion, no one under 16 should be in an R film. There is a reason for the rating.


  5. Haha, I'm definitely a cheapskate!

    You know what is so sad about the kid thing? I have seen kids that are right at that age, maybe a year older where they are actually "old" enough to get into the movie be terrified when they are in there. I question why parents would do that. It makes me sad. Personally, I think that whatever the age restriction is (13 or 17 for PG-13 and R) should be the cut-off. Parents or no parents.

    I have two small kids (3 & 1) and if I can't get a babysitter to go to the movies (or anywhere else for that matter) then I don't go. Plain and simple. It's the best decision for my kids and my job as a parent.

  6. Why would you be allowed to watch an R-rated movie before 7pm?! It's not like it's any less yucky before 7pm! That is really crazy!

  7. I totally agree. I think it is so strange when people have small children (or any child for that matter) in R rated movies. I hope you had fun at your date night at the "real" movies, lol!


  8. My husband's family got together in NYC for Thanksgiving a couple years ago and, just for the fun of it, my sister-in-law and I decided to go see Breaking Dawn Part 1. I'm not sure if you've seen it, but there is sex, violence, and a graphic ending. There were 6-7 children ages 5 and under in the theater with their parents. The whole time I was distracted by the fact they were there...cringing at every violent/inappropriate scene. What were their parent(s) thinking?! My husband and I usually wait for things to come out on video, but when we do venture out to a theater for a date night, we are usually taken aback by something someone does. Sometimes society, and the people who compose it, scare me a little. Common sense seems to be, well, less common these days.

  9. I agree, movie ticket prices are RIDICULOUS. Absolutely crazy! You guys remind me of Caleb and I... we are the exact same way. We go to the" "cheap seats" or wait until its at the Redbox! I cannot believe those parents freaked? Like, your kid is too young for that movie AND its late!

  10. Ha! I love how cheap you two are! My boyfriend and I are just the same! I suppose it's much better than one being a spender and one a saver! That could cause a lot of fights! But as to the movie thing, I think the rules are fine how they are. People can do whatever they want. If they want their four year old to see a rated R movie at night then that's their business. But I know that isn't what I would ever want for my little siblings, or if I ever have kids, my own child! I don't even watch rated R movies often. I can't imagine watching one with my 3 or ten year old brothers! No! Just no!

  11. I used to be super cheap but it was so bad I didn't want to spend a dime on anything and I"d get all stressed out if I did. It got ridiculous so I had to let up. We went to the $20 per person luxury cinema and yes it was expensive but I was like, oh well! If we didn't have the money to do it we wouldn't have. We might only do that a few times a year. There are no dollar movies in our town. The best it gets is matinee for about 7 or 8. I think cheap is not a bad thing. Life is expensive and you have to pick and choose what you are willing to spend on and what you are not.

  12. I'm seriously surprised that they let kids into rated R movies if they are 6 and older. Now that I'm a mom, I can't imagine taking my kid to see a rated R movie, especially if it's a scary one. I think some parents might go to the late movies with their kids, because they know they'll fall asleep. I get that, but at the same time, your kid might not sleep. Nightmares for sure!

  13. What's the point of having an age limit for pg-13 when 6 year olds can watch rated R movies. Bit of a double standard, even though I know pg-13 = no parents! Woohoo! And even more hilarious is that there's a movie curfew on when kids are allowed to see the movies, as if it's less R rated during daylight. Silly!
    Hope you are having a good weekend!

  14. Recently my boyfriend and I went to see "Django" and we saw adults with little kids (under 5)! Kids should NOT being seeing that movie. I agree with you. Great blog girly :)

  15. Yikes! I work in an elementary school and the stories I hear of what kids are watching and playing with these days in unreal!!!
    I'm sitting here next to hubby as he plays Call Of Duty and I can hear these kids shouting at the game! Those words! oh boy...

    yeah, some kids should not be watching certain flicks and parents should try their best to either keep their child from seeing these things or teaching them that its not right...

    Lead by example I say!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  16. I don't know why kids are ever let into a rated R movie. but I'm not their parent. I don't know if they are under the mistaken belief that their child won't understand or they really don't care.

    I can't remember the last time I went to the movies with my husband, without the children. I miss it! I hate the idea of spending upward of $14 (the price of the Costco tickets) for just ANY movie. I can rent it at home!

  17. I am the same way! I wait until it comes to the dollar theater or rent it on dvd. Little kids should never be allowed in. I don't understand why parents would bring their little kids to an R rated movie...

  18. That's really sad about kids and R-rated movies. I guess that really doesn't matter to some parents. We're blessed with a few fairly cheap theaters here: $4 matinee tickets aren't too bad!

  19. I like that rule, I'm not sure if it's a rule everywhere or maybe some places just don't enforce it. I was once at a rated R (the movie legion) and it was like 10pm and heard a child crying in the seats, I just couldn't believe someone had brought their child to that scary movie and at 10pm. WTH!!


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