Four Eyes

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I have some terrible eyes. I can't see a thing without my contacts on but everyone needs a break from them right? It's so nice to wear glasses every once in a while and just whip them off and on as I please.

That's where Firmoo comes in. If you haven't already heard Firmoo is an online glasses company with a huge selection! Best part is you can easily enter in your prescription and BAM! Prescription glasses at your doorstep without having to drop a ton of money at the optometrist. 
When Firmoo contacted me to see if I would accept a free pair of glasses in exchange for me writing a review I wasn't expecting much. I figured I would get a crummy pair of glasses that would probably fall apart within a few weeks. I was pleasantly surprised! I've had this pair for a couple weeks now and I love them! They are so comfortable and don't give me headaches like some pairs of glasses I've worn. You know the squeezing your head till you want to scream kind of feeling? 

Good news for you! As a first time customer you can order your 1st pair of glasses for free! All you have to do is pay for shipping. You can read about it all right here

Here are the glasses I picked out for myself. A little out of my comfort zone but they are fun and comfortable and I actually really like them! 
Thanks Firmoo!
Excuse my pasty white skin, t-shirt, and nappy hair. This is the most dressed up I've gotten all week due to feeling like road kill. ;)

P.S Do you like my doorstop? :)


  1. YOU look PRECIOUS! :) Ha, I just got mine last night and posted my review today, too!!


  2. You look super cute!!
    I am starting to need to wear my glasses more and more and it's incredibly frustrating!
    See what motherhood does to you :)


    PS ~ CONGRATS on winning Stef's giveaway at Miss Jo and Co. Your Organic Busy Cube will be shipped out tomorrow :)

  3. I'm blind as a bat without my contacts, too. But glasses wear on me after a bit. I just won a $20 gift certificate to Firmoo...and I'm looking forward to finding something new! I was thinking about going a bit geeky/librarian. :) It's good to mix things up. Cute!

  4. I think those glasses are adorable!

  5. you're so cute and i seriously want those glasses.

  6. Love love love those glasses! :)



  7. These are super cute! I just ordered my first pair of Firmoo :) I don't wear glasses but I read a ton & I've noticed I have to hold the page a lot closer to my face now...Plus they're cute.

  8. I love the onesyou got!!! so cute!

  9. I like those glasses they look cute! And I do like your doorstop!
    I came over from the Follow Friend Friday! Glad I did!


  10. I just found your blog through the link-up! I was emailed this week to do the same review for Firmoo and picked out the exact same glasses! Twinsies! Haha. Now I'm even more excited!

    Newest follower - can't wait to read more!

  11. you look very cute in glasses! love them!

  12. Love those glasses!!! They look great on you! :) Newest follower here!

  13. Really cute glasses! Love the blog. I found you through BBN and I am glad I did.
    Almost Endearing

  14. Love 'em!! I have two pair from Firmoo myself! I have to do my second review of them soon!

  15. I ordered glasses from another company and hated them, so I just ordered from Firmoo... fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted!

  16. Love the glasses <3 You totally rock them! ;)

  17. The glasses look so cute on you!! Loving your blog:-) xo

  18. You look totally gorgeous. I got a similar pair from them!


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