Health Update #349834

Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm sure the majority of you are tired of hearing about this but for those that aren't here is another health update! After numerous blood tests/urine samples (yuck) and an ultrasound it looks like I probably have endometriosis. Woooooo. I have all the symptoms of it, and after all the other tests we pretty much ruled everything else out. I got a nice little shot of progesterone in the bum and will get that every 3 months to see if it helps. If it doesn't we get to cut open my belly and stick a camera inside and laser the crap out of all the crap in there. (I think I say crap too much. Blame it on my mother.)

Maybe I can just get them to laser my female organs and heart at the same time. Discount!

PS My OBGYN looked just like Ann Perkins from Parks & Rec. I was just waiting for Lil Sebastian to bust through the door!


  1. Ohh noo. I hope everything turns out okay and that shot helps!


  2. I am so sorry!! That really stinks. I feel you on medical stuff but at least you have a positive outlook!

    1. At least I can still walk! Poor girl. :( How much longer do you have your boot for?

  3. you and your husband are such a beautiful couple :) loved meeting you!!!!

  4. um... I LOVE Parks & Rec! I don't know if I could stop staring if I were you...Rashida Jones is the bomb!

  5. bahaha the little horse too funny. im glad you can find humor in light of the situation and parks and rec is the best show!

  6. Gosh...what a pain! I hope everything goes as smoothly and easily for you as possible! We watched that show the other night and were laughing. It's hilarious! I need to start watching it more!

  7. What a bummer!! Not knowing what is wrong is the worst! Hopefully your shots will work and you can get feeling better!!

  8. So sorry to hear about that! I dont know from experience, but hear it is not fun to deal with. Hopefully your symptoms are not long lasting.


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