The Flu

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I've got the flu. At least I think so. Headache, earache, runny nose, chills, vomiting, achy body, sore throat, the works! Not fun I'll tell ya. That's what I get for putting off getting a flu shot.

This morning I walked over to Smith's to get some medicine and load up on cough drops and Gatorade.
I threw on some sweats and glasses and headed out on my way. A couple guys were yelling my way trying to get my attention. I ignored them and kept walking but then they yelled, "how do you get to state street?" I told them to go 7 blocks west and then kept walking and then they yelled, "why was Piglet looking in the toilet? Because he was looking for Pooh." Ha ha...I seem to always attract strange long haired dirty smelly teenage boys looking to annoy someone. My mom always has men telling her stupid stuff too. I guess we have the "go away and mess with me" kind of look.

In other news, I had another cardiology appointment yesterday. It seems like every time I go I figure out another piece to the puzzle. 

Often times I feel a lot of chest pain an tightness, like someone is sitting on my chest or squeezing my heart. He said that this can be attributed to my small chest cavity. He said because I have such a small frame it can put pressure on the heart. 

Apparently my heart is not designed to do any vigorous and resistance type exercise. He said right now I should only be walking and swimming. I am definitely not a swimmer. I don't even really like going in water where I can't touch. Ha Ha! Don't make fun. I guess that explains why my heart rate shoots up to 200 bpm when I get on a bike.

He also said I had a bit of scoliosis. What?? What was the point of going to those scoliosis tests every year when I was young. Oh well, slight curvature of the spine...I can handle that. 

The earliest we will shoot to do another cardiac ablation is April. 

For all you out there reading this that have had ablations, how many cardiologists did you see? Did you get more than 1 opinion? I'm not sure if I should see another doctor to see what they think.


  1. I only saw one guy but I did tons of research. With regard to my atrial tach, my heart rate blasts into the 200+ range easily, too, which makes exercise basically miserable, but my doctor didn't limit me to any types of activity. He pretty much said, "Yeah, it feels like you're going to die, but it's harmless." So I wonder why the difference between what your doc told you and what mine told me. Get your stories straight, doctors!! ;-)

    Swimming seems like an odd suggestion, if he’s worried about you fainting during exercise.

  2. Hahaha true! I didn't think about that. My first doctor told me I had no heart problems and I was just out of shape (at 5'7 and 110lbs...) it's interesting all the different opinions.

  3. Cute blog!!!! You and your bubby so adorable together!!! So glad i found your blog! Now following and cannot wait to read more!



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