Not So Romantic Dates

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Last night my husband an I were talking about some of the dates we went on when we were dating. A story came up that I just had to share because I find it super funny/embarrassing. What could be better?

Almost every Sunday we made a big yummy dinner together at his apartment. We had just finished eating and we started playing this game we made up. You hold your arms up in the air and then stand on one leg and we jump around and try to knock the other person over. (Cheap entertainment at best!)

Anyways, Tim picked me up and started spinning me in circles. (I am NOT the roller coaster type. I haven't been able to swing on a swing set since the 4th grade.) I start hitting his arm as hard as I could. He thought I was just teasing an playing so he spins me faster! (I vomited but kept my mouth closed as to try to appear somewhat like a lady TMI? Sorry.) Finally I smacked him and jumped away and ran into the bathroom.

So romantic.


  1. Ha ha! That's hilarious and sweet. Made-up games with the hubby are always the best ones. Sounds like he cheated though!;)

  2. What a hilarious post!! You and your husband sound like a fun crazy couple! Brilliant! =)

    Eve xoxo


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