Popcorn & Spiders

Monday, September 24, 2012

Saturday morning we headed over to RC Willey for their tent sale in hopes of finding a comfy chair for our living room. We have an awesome couch courtesy of Tim's parent's but we were hoping to find a chair so there would be more room so we can invite friends over. :)
We looked around the store and couldn't find anything in our price range but there was a sign that said they were giving away bags of Colby's Kettle Corn on the 2nd floor. So OF COURSE we wandered around the store for 20 minutes searching for it. About every 5 minutes a salesperson would ask us if we needed any help and we would reply, "no just browsing, thanks!" Really we were just thinking, "where is your kettle corn?!" Finally when the last salesperson approached us Tim just blurted out, "we're just trying to find the kettle corn!" Have I told you yet how awesome my husband is? Anyways, he told us the wrong way to go, so we asked another guy, and another, and they all said different directions. Finally I spied a box hidden behind the ipad's and tv's and snatched up that delectable bag. 

SO worth it my friends. 
The rest of the weekend was spent watching football games, going on long walks, watching the beautiful Brigham City temple dedication, eating, and napping. So perfect. 
Monday morning I was taking a shower just taking my time when I saw a hideous, disgusting, big, black, yucky spider. It was crawling along the curtain rod. I was too scared to even scream. My stomach just dropped and I leaped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and sprinted into my bedroom and slammed the door. I got halfway dressed and then decided I needed to kill the beast otherwise I would  be too scared to even be in my apartment until Tim gets home from work. I grabbed a bottle of hairspray and entered the bathroom. The beast was nowhere to be found. I checked every crevice and corner. Nowhere. It finally crawled up between the shower curtain and the liner. I waited until it was on the rod and then sprayed the sucker. It started twitching so I knew that I could now smack it to the death. I grabbed a lint roller (best spider killer might I add) and waited again for the opportune time. It crawled up the the shower rod again and I smacked it as hard as I could. It flew across the bathroom and landed, squished and dead, on the sink. Down the drain it went. I think I can finally relax now. 

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