New York City!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New York City. Where do I even begin? How about the beginning.

  • Got ripped off by the taxi driver who dropped us off at our hotel from the airport
  • Explored Times Square
  • Figured out the Subway system
  • Met up with Tim once he got off work (So great! I missed him so much!)
  • Ate at the best burger place ever (Shake Shack!)
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Ellis Island
  • Saw more European tourists than I have seen in my entire life!
  • Date night with my love once he got off work (Dinner at the National, chocolate mousse cheesecake at a little diner and a stroll around the lovely streets of NY
  • Walked the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Explored Chinatown & Little Italy
  • Did lots of bartering and ended up with perfume and some original artwork from a great local artist 
  •  We tried to win tickets to go see Wicked, but didn't get them
  • Tim and I walked for miles and miles all over the city
  • Church at the chapel above the Manhattan LDS Temple
  • Walked around Central Park
  • Watched a group of homeless hippies get into an argument about the bombing of Hiroshima & John Lennon
  • Walked the Highline
  • Explored SoHo, Chelsea, and the Financial District
  • Ate the best pizza ever in the Fashion District for $1!
  • Saw the World Trade Center Memorial (It was shocking being right there imagining what it would have been like being there that day)
  • Saw my very 1st broadway play, Peter and the Star Catcher! I loved it! We were able to get 1/2 price tickets and still had an awesome seats
  • Woke up with a sore throat
  • Spent some time at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
  • Flew home
What a fun trip it was! Tim is now half way done with his training and will be home in 3 more weeks! I can't wait. Today I am home in Parker, packing up my things, and then tomorrow I fly to SLC to move into our apartment! I'm actually really excited to unpack, arrange, organize, and set up our apartment so it will be ready to live in once we get married. This is such an exciting time in life and I am just loving it! 
One of the new WTC towers

Times Square (When did my baby brother get so tall!?)

Grand Central Station
Walking the Brooklyn Bridge (90+ degree heat with massive amounts of humidity, it felt like a sauna!)

While having lunch in Little Italy we discovered my brother, Tyler, has a striking resemblance to David

Sunday afternoon at Central Park

This is the fountain that Amy Adams sings and dances around in the movie, Enchanted

John Lennon memorial

Lunch in Little Italy, again it was blazing hot which explains the red faces

One of the neatest sacrament meetings, it was so beautiful

This is a 1 mile linear park built on an old railroad in the lower west side of Manhattan. You could see inside some super fancy neat apartments.

I fell in love with all the artwork, there was something beautiful everywhere!

Ok, so some of the art was a little strange ;)

SoHo. Tiny streets and insanely expensive apartments.

One of the World Trade Center towers, construction of one of the other towers, part of the memorial, and one of the fountain pools inside the memorial. 

This was the cutest play. It was the prequel to Peter Pan. We befriended the nicest little couple, Pierre and Warren, from Toronto, who were sitting next to us. 

5th Avenue

One of the neatest things was seeing New York City as we took off on the plane to head back home. That long strip of green you see in the middle is Central Park. 

What an amazing trip. I can't wait to go back someday. Maybe I will get to sneak in Tim's suitcases when he goes in the future :)

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