Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What a crazy few weeks it has been!
I finally finished school and my graduation is this friday!! I am so happy to take the skills and knowledge I've gained and apply it to the real world. Now I just need to pass my state board exams and I'll be all set.
Tim and I were faced with a pretty tough choice after we got engaged. He accepted a job offer in Boston, MA that required him to leave for 5 weeks to go to Philadelphia, PA for training. This would mean we would be apart for that entire 5 weeks, see each other for a day or two, get married, and immediately move to Boston. Great news though...Tim declined the offer in Boston and decided to work in Utah instead. Because of this we were able to finally pick a day to get married (August 11th!!!) after being engaged for 4 months already. We're getting married in the Bountiful temple and are so excited!
We found a super sweet deal online and were able to get the "Pass of All Passes" for super cheap so we enjoyed most of the beautiful day going down water slides at 7 Peaks. Let's just hope we don't look like lobsters by the time we get married. 
Next week I am going with my cousins to visit my other cousins and relatives in North Carolina! I haven't been since I was little so this will be great to catch up with them. We're also going to head down to a beach house in South Carolina for some fun times and relaxation.
Things in my life are so great. I am truly blessed. 

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