Another One Bites the Dust

Sunday, January 22, 2012

This week has probably been the most embarrassing weeks of my life. Hands down. I've mentioned before I have some heart issues that I started a medication for just to keep it under control. I'm working with my cardiologist to figure out the right dosage because it seems to be a little strong and is making my blood pressure go down too low.  On tuesday I was at work and passed out and had to be sent home. Today was worst of all. My goodness. I just got called to be the chorister in my singles ward. I'm up there conducting the rest hymn and I get really really hot and my ears start to ring. Everything went black and I felt myself fall. I woke up to my bishopric and some ward members surrounding me asking me if I knew who they were. I didn't really get what happened so I'm pretty sure I gave them a stupid look and muttered, "yes". Once I realized what happened I was so embarrassed. The best part was that since it was the rest hymn I had everybody standing. Better yet our sacrament meeting is in a lecture hall with stadium seating so I'm pretty sure everybody got a great view of the action. Hopefully next week won't be quite as crazy..ha! Sometimes I just have to sit back and laugh at how strange my life is. I'm constantly entertained by the weird things that happen. 

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