15 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I saw my friends Laura and Elisabeth post about this and I thought it looked like fun so I am joining in on the fun!

1. I have terrible circulation. If I don't move my legs around or sit with my feet on the floor too long my feet turn purple.

2. I used to sleep with the radio on super loud next to my head when I was a teenager but now I like it to be super dark, cold, and quiet to sleep.

3.  I love cookies. I will pick a cookie over any other dessert.

4.  I hate driving. I will walk anywhere within a couple miles or if possible wait for Tim to get home so I don't have to drive.

5.  I hate getting in water where I can't touch the bottom. I feel like I'm not in control and it freaks me out. I'm guessing this is a result of having brothers who would sit on my shoulders when I was trying to swim when I was little. Being the only girl is rough guys.

6. I could hula hoop for hours if I wanted to. When I was little my "talent" was hula hooping while playing the flute.

7. When I was 12 my brother knocked out half my front tooth with a steel coiled dog leash. I found the other half of my tooth and brought it with me to the dentist. He temporarily glued it on and 12 years later it is still there. So don't ever hit me in the mouth or it might fall out ;-)

8. I get motion sick really easily. Ever since I was about 9 or 10 I haven't been able to even go on a swing set without tons of nausea.

9. I was in a rollover accident in college and walked away without a scratch.

10. About a year ago I was hit by a car while crossing the street as a pedestrian.  Now do you get why I hate driving? :)

11. My hair has been everything from jet black to super blonde. Luckily the blonde only lasted for a couple months.

12. I cannot wink. I have tried basically my whole life and I can never do it.

13. I cannot wear leggings or tights. They make me super claustrophobic. I am definitely all about comfort over fashion.

14. I haven't worn earrings in over 5 years.

15. I read magazines from back to front. Sometimes I do this with tests and assignments as well.


  1. I've had my hair every color of the rainbow too ;) And I totally forget about your purple fee thing. My feet haven't turned purple for quite a while, but they go red and are always cold or hot to the touch, never a decent temperature, but mine's not from circulation, we haven't figured it out yet :P And I used to sleep with the radio on, not super loud and not right next to my head, it was just quiet music, I'd leave it on for an hour and then it had a timer to turn off, but then I went to college and got sick of listening to my ipod so that it didn't bother my roommates... and yeah. That's my novel of a comment.

  2. I think you rock both blonde and brunette so well! I look so washed out as a brunette so I keep that color as a high school trial... Ha.

  3. I absolutely hate driving. Which is why I'm loving our new life where we no longer own any cars. :) And that tooth story sounds so painful! Hopefully that glued-on tooth will last many more years!

  4. after reading this i believe we are basically twins. i have the worst circulation, my hands and feet are always blue and purple. i used to sleep with headphones in but now i need silence and freezing rooms, cookies are the best, i don't get ice cream. i hate driving, i choose walking to the grocery store in the dark the other day cause ryan was gone over driving haha. i've had lots of accidents, almost been hit while walking, well i've been hit etc, by cars lots of times. i 've had like every hair color, and i don't wear earrings and i like to do assignments backwards. so there you have it we are basically twins.

  5. Hahah! Oh my gosh, I LOVE this. I am the exact same way with hula hoops- I can go forever! We should have a party. And I totally can't whistle. It's horrible.

  6. You are rocking both those hair colors! I'm always jealous of people who can pull off all the colors. So uh...I'm jealous! I'm the same way with magazines. With books I always read the ending before I get there. It drives my husband crazy, but why should he care?! :)

  7. you are too cute! love this fun post! cookies are the best!

  8. oh my goodness SOO glad i'm not alone with the purple feet thing!! I was just talking to my mom the other week about my poor circulation and how it worries me, have you ever had it looked into? why do we have this problem lol?


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