Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sometimes I feel like in order to go out and really explore somewhere I need a whole day to be able to do that. I've finally learned that's not very realistic most of the time. Friday night around 6:30 we found ourselves finished with everything we had to do that day and wondering what we should do with the rest of the night.

Rather than renting a Redbox again we decided to drive up to Pacifica to check it out. I am so glad we did! We hadn't made it up there yet because we kind of assumed it would be a lot like Half Moon Bay which is the closest beach to us. I was happy to see that it was still a lovely beach but there were lots of new things to discover.

Our favorite part was definitely all the trails that wind all around the hills and overlook the coast. It was such a refreshing evening. It was super windy which made the ocean air smell saltier and I kind of loved it. It is still so crazy to me that I can go from melting in my hot apartment on the peninsula and then take a 30 minute drive to the coast and be all bundled up. It's definitely a sweet escape!


  1. What a beauitful place. Wow, those views are breathe taking. I hope you guys had fun. I'd say it beat a redbox movie, haha.

  2. That looks beautiful! I'm so jealous of anyone who lives near the sea...

  3. So beautiful! I'm thinking T money and I need to come out there! One last hoo rah before school in August?! Or Labor Day??

  4. Look at that winding road! You guys are so lucky having such varied scenery. What a beautiful part of the world to live in!

    Katie <3


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