Sandwich Of All Sandwiches

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Today has been such a beautiful day we couldn't help but spend most of it outside! Tim and I were excited to finally be in town to check out the Redwood City Farmer's Market. We stocked up on a whole bag full of produce goodies. I love that you don't have to buy things in bulk like you do at many of the farmer's markets that I've been to in the past.

Afterwards we walked around downtown a bit and decided to finally try a sandwich from Ike's Lair. Oh my word. It was insane. We ordered the kryptonite to share and it was the biggest sandwich I've ever seen. It had roast beef, pastrami, turkey, ham, salami, bacon, onion rings, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, green pesto, pepper jack, and avocado. WOW. It is definitely a must try if you are in the bay area.

^^ Can we all agree that eating pictures are the weirdest?^^ 

Tonight we are heading up to Oakland to watch an Easter celebration and then attempting to cook an Easter meal with a broken oven tomorrow. Wish us luck! Happy Easter! I feel so blessed to have a knowledge or the Savior and His sacrifice for us. What better thing to do than to celebrate Him. 


  1. That sandwich is massive!!!! I think I'd be full after just one bite!


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