Made Up Foods

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We all have those things we make for dinner that we love but we wouldn't dream of making if someone actually came over to our house for dinner. Mine started out as hawaiian haystacks but I have adapted them over the last few months since I never seem to have all the right ingredients on hand and I tend to scrounge through our cupboards and use what we have.

Combine grilled chicken with cream of chicken soup and 1 can of black beans
Once cooked put a scoop on a bed of rice
Add green peppers, avocado, mixed nuts, coconut flakes, and salt and pepper

What "different" recipes have you made up when you have a limited variety of ingredients in your pantry? 


  1. I have one of those. I make 90-sec Uncle Ben's brown rice, heat a can of vegetarian baked beans, and mix them together. Sometimes I throw in warm veggies. It tastes like a teriyaki bowl!!

  2. I love these kinds of recipes. My made up recipe is a rice bowl with grilled chicken & mixed veggies. Sometimes I put sweet & sour sauce in it. Ya know, jazz it up.

  3. That looks tasty, Kelsey! Nice work. And I heard Tim got a job - wahoo! Congratulations. California sounds rather dreamy at the moment.

  4. We eat what I like to call Kai Ping Bowls. I made them up when I was babysitting and it was the only thing I could get the little girl to eat. Lol. It's rice, seasoned ground beef, scrambled eggs, and wilted spinach. Sounds like a weird combo, but it's delicious. And really easy. :)

  5. Come make up food at my house. That looks delish!

  6. I love these king of things, I'm a big fan of throwing random ingredients in a pan and see how it turns out!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  7. this looks and sounds so delicious! my husband would love it if i made this!! haha i'm going to have to try. thanks for sharing :)


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