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Friday, December 13, 2013

Just a quick check in today since I am totally swamped with finals week, speaking in church, and getting the hang of things at my new job. Speaking of is awesome. I seriously love it. I always come home with a fun story to tell and am excited to go in which is the best!

Anyways, today I actually have an old high school friend of mine here on the blog. She has recently made some major changes in her life and so I thought I would let her share her story with you today! She also is brand new to the blogging world so please stop by her blog It Girl World to introduce yourself to Beth!

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Hi everyone! So excited to be guest posting on Kelsey's lovely blog! I feel so appreciative to Kelsey because she really inspired me to BE myself and PUT myself out there with my own blog! She is one of the sweetest people I know, and always a true friend. I am glad I was able to go to High School with her!I wanted to share with you all MY STORY! We all have a story, and our stories change depending on where we are and where we've been! And let me tell you I've been down a dark and unpleasant path! But this is a happy story so let's begin!
I've always been one of those girls that never prioritized health or fitness. My body was average and I never tried to do anything to change that. It never was a big deal to me because in my mind I never thought I could get past having an average body! I would go to the gym, but I was the girl on the elliptical or treadmill for hours. Then never see any progress. So I'd go back to the gym and keep doing the same thing, getting the same result, which was not the results I was looking for.
This went on for years, but then I realized my life started having the same results in all areas! I was unhappy in my relationships, I was unhappy with myself, my career, and the list went on. When I started to become aware of this I realized things NEEDED to change! I chose to work on my body first, I felt for me it was easier to change the outside then the inside! So I began a new work out program called Brazil Butt Lift. I started researching key elements of how to ACTUALLY get in shape, not just what I thought you needed to do. I began reading Clean-Eating books, and learning portion control.
I stuck with it for months, it was hard, it was very frustrating, I wanted to see results FAST. But I didn't. But I felt I needed to at least stick with it because even if I wasn't seeing results on the outside of my body I knew what I was doing was healthy nutrition wise!
Then the results started showing, my body started changing, in a good way! And it's as if the results compounded then. I started having more respect for my body, I started requiring more respect from those around me. My relationships improved! My whole life started changing! It was magnificent to see everything go from a struggle to a blessing!

Now I know how to be the creator of my life, to take charge, and to make my dreams come true. What I would suggest for others if you are struggling with juggling everything in life! Stop. Breathe. Choose one thing to focus on. And then give it your all! And it may take months! It may only be a short amount of time, or it make take longer. But hold strong! Your hard work will pay off! Just have to believe in what you are doing and in yourself!
Because I learned this, now my focus in life is helping others learn how to create the life they desire. And my specialty? Through fitness! I have found once you start to feel more confident in your body, it starts to shine in all other aspects of your life! Believe and shine!

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