September Wrap Up

Monday, September 30, 2013

September has been one action packed month. This month we...

1. On September 1st Tim and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary! We spent Labor Day weekend relaxing in Vegas. Yes, relaxing. We like to break the social norm.

2. I attempted my state board practical exam for the 2nd time and just barely didn't pass again. Serious blow to my self confidence but I'll be back at it next month! 

3. I started my fall semester back up on September 16th. It is going to be an insane semester with 7 classes and 17 credits but that puts me one step closer to finally graduating. 

4. We said goodbye to two of our wonderful friends who left Utah to chase their dreams in NYC and LA. They made us a bit jealous ;)

5. We continued to have craziness with our apartment. I swear one month we are told we have to move and the next we are good to go. Sometimes I hope this is a sign that we need to move across the world. Or something. :)

6. Tim is still plugging away at work and studying for the CFA exams. He takes the first one in December in Denver. We spend our car rides with me quizzing him hoping every last bit helps. 

7. We are still crazy in love and loving life together. We feel so blessed and can't wait to see what new adventures are in store for us! 


  1. So glad you are crazy in love :) And good luck to both of you studying all that STUFF! Um, I don't really miss the stress of the test...

  2. what practical are you taking??

    You two are the cutest.. and I think we should double sometime!!

  3. Girl- I am SERIOUSLY behind on bloggy world reading due to health stuff these last six weeks and I am just now getting a little caught up. LOVED spending time reading through your blog this afternoon. I love the new layout! (Obviously not new to you now! hahaha) AND your hair is adorable! AGAIN, not new to you but hopefully you feel like you can celebrate these things again with these comments! hahaha! :) Anyways! Hope you are doing well and am praying that October is the month that you PASS these practicals!!
    Have a lovely day sweet lady!
    :) Rebecca

  4. Happy Belated Anniversary! I'm sure you will pass that test the next time. 3rd times the charm right? I'm your newest follower from the Lets Be Friends Blog Hop!
    If you choose to you can follow along with me here:

  5. You two are so cute together.
    Also, it was awesome chatting with you next week.
    Go rock that exam!
    Love, B

  6. Aw! Happy Anniversary. You two are still newlyweds!

  7. Hi there! I found you through the blog hop.. you are too precious! Happy one year anniversary! My husband and I are inching up on ours and are so excited. Praying peace for you as you prepare to take your exam again, things like that are so so difficult and I hope you won't feel discouraged as you try again. You are AWESOME and will accomplish great things! God has a purpose! XO

  8. Awe! Happy Anniversary!
    Such a cute post!
    Just found your blog!
    So glad I came across! I am now following you via gfc & bloglovin!
    Looking forward to keeping up!!


  9. Is CFA for accounting? All those books make me want to cry... what a headache! So sorry about you not passing your state board... that kind of stuff is beyond frustrating. And congrats on the one year anniversary! You've made it past the hardest part!

  10. Aww, how cute! Glad you are both still so happy together!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  11. ah so much work!! keep that crazy love stuff up and keep being adorable:)

  12. I love that your wedding anniversary is my birthday! Now I'll never forget ;)
    Also, your state board practical for what? I'll pray for you! I'm sorry you didn't pass, way to keep trying though. You'll totally get it!
    Hope you have a great week!


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