Newport Beach Summer Beach Trip

Monday, August 5, 2013

I know it isn't every exciting to read about other people's vacations but I know if I didn't jot this down I would probably forget a lot of details. So here we go! 

A bunch of my extended family and my mom and brother were headed down to Newport Beach, CA for a week at the beach. Tim couldn't go because of his recent team change at work but I had just finished my semester of school so I decided to zip down and join in on the fun. We enjoyed lots of walks on the beach, laying out in the sunshine and of course playing games. 

One day a group of us went down to Venice Beach. This street performer was absolutely nuts. Not to mention his toenails were about 6 inches long. So gross. He said he was going to walk in glass and then he said he would lay in it. He wouldn't do it until the crowd yelled, "put your a** in the glass." It was kind of the grossest thing ever. Then he called up this poor girl and made her stand on him while he laid in the glass. We also spent some time in China Town and then had sandwiches at the place where the first french dip was created. Not sure if that is true or not but it was a really cute old timey restaurant and it was super yummy! 


  1. au contraire, i LOVE reading about people's vacays! newport is the best...glad you didn't miss out on the fun! XOXO
    the well-traveled wife

  2. aw street performers. Aren't they the best? haha. That is half the attraction of vacations!

  3. Awesome! The weather has been so perfect in Cali. Glad you got the opportunity to enjoy it. I live not too far from there and still never really done the whole hang out at Venice Beach thing but I should.

  4. I can't stand people who complain about others' vacation recap posts. If you don't like it, skip it over on your reader and that's it!

    Having that, your vacay looked like a BLAST! I wanna go to California now :). Hope you're enjoying SLC again!! Ugh I don't want the cold to begin :|.

  5. ugh that guy in venice is so annoying haha. i have a video of him on my instagram doing that stupid broken glass "trick". i couldn't believe i stood around for 20 minutes for that!
    i LOVE your crab picture, he's kinda adorable :)

  6. so much fun! gosh its gorgeous there!


  7. I love readying about others vacations. Gets me excited for my own :) The weather looks really good & I LOVE street performers!
    I've always wanted to go to Newport Beach & Laguna because of the TV Shows... Hope one day I can make it happen lol

    Lotte xo
    BericeBaby - Baby & Lifestyle Blog


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