The Truth About My Job

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Today I'm linking up with my awesome friend Kate for the "Truth About" link up. This week is the "Truth About My Job." That would be great except the truth is I don't have a job. I am extremely grateful that my husband is allowing me to be a full time student while he is my sugar daddy and provides me with a roof over my little head. :) Since that is not a super exciting topic I decided I would give you the truth about being an esthetician, since that is something that I am even though I'm not working in that field at the moment. 

1. The downside of going to esthetician school in a college town is everyone assumes you are just going to "beauty school" because you couldn't get into college. This drove me nuts. I remember being at a party and people were asking the usual, where are you from, what are you studying questions and when I told the guy I was going to esthetician school he rolled his eyes and walked away. Like going to school for IT makes you SO much better than me. 

2. People demand perfection. I'm sorry but you can't tweeze your eyebrows into the McDonald arches and expect to come out looking like a superstar. It's going to take you leaving your eyebrows alone, letting them grow in, and me shaping them to make them look better. I also can't give you flawless skin on one 50 minute session. Everything takes time. You also can't wash your face with an old bar of soap and wonder why your skin is dull and sallow. 

3. You can't tan in a tanning bed or get scorched outside and complain about sunspots. Yes, your skin is going to look golden and fabulous while you're in your twenties but I promise you once you hit 30 or so all those dark spots are going to rise to the surface and you're going to be hating life. Don't even get me started on skin cancer. It's not just a fairy tale that your mom tells you about to get you to wear sunscreen. It is real and you better believe it. Yes, this picture is of a woman who was a truck driver so half of her face was exposed to a lot of sun. Which side would you rather have?

4. School was a beast for me to tackle. I enjoyed the homework and the information we were learning but I don't think I was a "typical beauty school girl" and that made the days extremely long. As if 10 hours a day in a tiny classroom didn't already make my days long. 

5. I can't do everything for free. I once was invited to do waxing at some lady's house while she sold jewelry and hand bags or what have you. I spent hours prepping and buying extra waxing sticks, strips, gloves, baby powder, borrowing a facial bed from someone, etc. I show up and she sends me down to the basement by myself. I sit there for an hour and a half doing nothing. I was suppose to be leaving in 45 minutes and then 30 women all want their brows and upper lips waxed. They tell me to hurry up. Uhm...what? I'm pretty sure the last thing you want me to do is wax off your eyebrow by trying to do it in 15 seconds. To make a long story short the lady hosting the party thought that she and 10 of her friends shouldn't have to pay for their waxings because she was kind enough to let me come to her house to do it. My thought process was that I didn't get anything free from her and I just drove over an hour to her house and wasted an hour and a half of my time sitting doing nothing. 

6. I love what I do. Yes, I have to touch strangers feet. Yes, I don't mind "popping strangers zits". Yes, I have waxed the backs of men who have so much back hair that I couldn't see their skin. Yes, people have farted while I was waxing their bikini lines. Yes, sometimes it isn't super glamorous, but I enjoy it. I love making someone feel confident and happy about their skin after they have struggled with acne for years. I love educating clients about what products are really going to help their skin. 

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  1. My mom is a non currently working as an esthetician but she is licensed. She loves making people feel good and she doesn't mind touching people she doesn't know either. Which goes with the job obviously! Glad you enjoy what you do. Not enough people do.

  2. You are so smart girly! So glad you know so much about what you love!! :)

  3. I know all about that nitty-gritty business of the beauty/spa world. I once (still am kind of) a massage therapist. Sure, let me massage your glutes and you can fart right in my face!!

    Stopping by from the linkup.

  4. Ick!!! the whole back waxing thing grosses me out! I love facial waxing, but that's about as far as my esthetics goes!

  5. My eyebrows always need help so thanks to you and all estheticians! I thank you because heavens knows I can't do that on my own!!

  6. I love this post and I am so sorry people judge you based on your chose career path!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. LOL. Thanks for making me crack up. Also thanks for terrifying me into using even more sunscreen than I already do. GAHHH

  8. A good trip to the esthetician is good for the soul. My eyebrows are fierce so I'm always thankful for my waxer. Now... tell me what I need to know about bikini waxes ;)

  9. Love learning about what you do! And so honest too. That's pretty disgusting about the hair backs though. Ugh.... yikes! Okay so I have questions:
    1. Can you teach me how to make my skin beautiful and not have zits? Because it's like I've never grown out of my teenage years and at this rate I feel like I never will?
    2. Tell me more about bikini waxing! I'm scared to DEATH of it. But feel like it should be on my bucket list. It just looks so painful!
    3. And this isn't a question but that lady is rude and ridiculous! I hope you stuck up to her and showed her some sass! :)

    love estheticians and all the wonders they do that I could never do in a million years :)

  10. You'e far braver than I am! I could never do that job. But I thank you and others in your field for being willing to brave all of our grossness in the hopes of being well groomed :)

  11. Oh man, those sharpie eyebrows kill me! I have the hardest time with my eyebrows (they naturally look like triangle clown eyebrows fully grown out) but I absolutely loved them after I had them waxed. Estheticians have an EYE for making people beautiful and that's hard work!

  12. I'm forever grateful for my dermatologist and my esthetician! You people really change lives! I'm sure you've seen it all and could tell the grossest stories but you always send people off well informed and feeling good about themselves :)

  13. Adore this post. If you're doing what you love it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks! x


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