Thoughts on Boston

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I've been avoiding talking about what happened in Boston. I feel like there isn't really anything I can say, yet I feel like I have so much to say. It all just makes me so sad. Earlier this month my husband and I were visiting family in Boston and walked along those same streets where the explosion happened.

 I don't know what could make somebody have so much hatred in their heart that they would want to do something like that. I honestly just feel bad for them. I wish that person knew that they are a child of God. I wish they knew that they had infinite worth and are loved by Heavenly Father. Instead of feeling hatred and anger against those that wrong us I challenge you to find it in your heart to pray for these people. Pray for the victims, their families and loves ones, but also for the person at fault and their loved ones. 

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  1. Thanks for this post. I hardly ever think of praying for the person responsible. So often it's angry prayers about them, instead of loving ones. Anger and hate make things like this happen - but if I want to see the world change, it starts with me.

  2. You are so right...prayer is the best thing we can do. Can't believe you and your hubby were just there! So, so scary.

  3. Thank you for this!! Praying for them..something Ive never really thought about. Its so true though. I cant believe I forgot you guys were just there. Scary!! Did you family go to the marathon? My fiance wanted to go watch. I thought he was going to go to his hometown (Framingham) to watch from there but informed me after finding out that he was thinking of taking the train to the finish line. While he really wanted to go, he for once listened to my opinion and stayed home. He would of been by himself regardless of where he went and I didnt want that.

  4. Great POV Kelsey!! It's sometimes hard to even try to grasp the magnitude of it or the reason why the soulless individual decided to commit something so horrible against the American people. But you know what? I'm comforted by how united and more faithful it's all made us! Stephen Colbert, in my opinion, said it best: "All those maniacs can ever do is show just how good people are." bc despite the politics, the disagreements, and everything else, WE ARE good! Good night dear! (And what a miracle your trip *wasn't* this week huh? We had a customer who was supposed to participate in the race but couldn't bc of a knee injury.. Wow!)


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