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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I have a special treat for you all! Amy Makechnie of Maisymak is on the blog today to tell you about an exciting new book. The best part is you have a chance to win a copy of your own! 

Fascinating: A Charming and Captivating Person Who Piques Our Intellectual Curiosity by Making the World a Better and More Beautiful Place.  By Amy Makechnie of Maisymak 

When mother and best-selling author, Katrina Kenison had two little boys, her friend was dying of cancer. 

She writes,

"It was really my dear friend’s cancer diagnosis that served as a wake-up call for me. My friend once said, 'My greatest wish is to wake up one morning and not have the first thought that comes into my head be the fact that I have cancer.' 

Those words seared themselves into my heart. Because of course, I suddenly realized that I took for granted the very thing she wished for more than anything.  

I couldn’t write about my friend’s journey in The Gift of an Ordinary Day, because she was in the midst of it as I wrote that book, but the title came directly from that realization that every day is a gift. Each morning we are lucky enough to wake up and swing our legs over the side of the bed and put our own two feet on the floor is cause for gratitude. 

When my friend realized she wasn’t going to have her miracle after all, and that she wouldn’t see her daughter graduate from high school, or her children get married, or ever meet her grandchildren, I resolved to live my own life from the awareness that it could all turn on a dime. 

Suddenly, even a task like folding the laundry became infused with grace, because I realized that any one of us might be next, and that life’s great tragedy is not death but the fact that we so rarely appreciate what we have until it’s taken away from us."

Katrina's newest book, MAGICAL JOURNEY is currently #1 at Babson's Bookstore, in Concord, New Hampshire.  She's a favorite because she's really that good.

Would you like to win the book?

Visit Maisymak (link is and leave a comment for a chance win MAGICAL JOURNEY and to read Katrina's fascinating interview on how she learned to slow down and live deliberately.

Good luck!  And promise.  You won't be disappointed.

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