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Friday, November 9, 2012

Today I'm being featured over on One Haole Girl's Blog. Go on over and check it out! I've got some great tips to taking care of your skin. Hope you enjoy it!

In other news, today I tried to make an appointment at the doctor's office and this is how it went.

Me: Hi can I make an appointment for family practice? I think I may have another kidney infection. 

Receptionist: Yeah I can get you in on February 11th. What's your date of birth?

Me: Uhh...I'm pretty sure it will be gone by February. Do you know anyone that could get my in sooner?

Receptionist: Yeah go to an instacare.

Me: Okay, thanks. Bye.

February?? What?! 

So I go into the Instacare and I tell the doctor what's going on. The tests come back normal and she says what are you doing at an Instacare? You need to go to a normal doctor? It seems to me that maybe your liver isn't functioning very well. Or maybe you're pregnant? You might have endometriosis. Any chance you're pregnant? (Nope, no chance I'm pregnant.)

Yeah let's just throw out every possible worst case scenario. I swear my body is a puzzle that doctor's just can't seem to figure out. P.S Does anyone else ever feel like this? I have no appetite, my sleeping schedule is all off wack, my back feels like I got kicked by an oversized mule and my stomach has tons of pressure and just aches constantly. It happens to me about every 2 months and lasts for a week or so. 

Good news though! This beast of a heating pad came in the mail today! I'm pretty sure this is the King of all heating pads. It is HUGE. 12" by 16".  Heck to the yes. 


  1. That sounds like no fun. Hope the heating pad helps. I found you through Jessica, and I am loving what I see. I am nominating you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog for more details.


  2. I think you need to see a Nephrologist. They can check your liver and kidney function in depth. They specialize in these problems and they know may more about testing and treatment for what your symptoms are. Make sure you don't need a referral first! That sounds crazy to wait until February! I hope you feel better soon :)

  3. I hope all is discovered and back to normal soon. The body can be such a tricky thing and one little thing 'off' can make it go haywire.

    I’m a little late (sorry, life got totally in the way this weekend!) visiting from the Friday Chaos Hop. Happy rest of the weekend (hope you got to enjoy that heating pad!).

    1. Oh I know! Bodies are so complex. It's no wonder something gets out of whack sometimes.

  4. i have something pretty similar happen to me every oce in a while. i've had a world of bladder/kidney/urinary tract infections, but sometimes i just ache and that's usually because of my endometriosis. i know it sounds super scary, but endometriosis doesn't always mean you're unable to bear a child. sometimes..a lot of times, just means you have some pain and discomfort and if needs be, you can get it lasered off. i hope it's not endometriosis for your sake, but if it is, you don't have to worry. just get it checked out. :) and it would make sense if it does it every two months ish, since you drop eggs from one ovary one month and the other the next month. so you might have it on one side.

    1. I, too have had lots of UTI's, kidney infections, etc and so I thought that that is what this was. It just seems like it just hurts too much to be that though. I went in and got checkout out today and it looks like there's a good chance it is endometriosis. I'm going to start getting progesterone shots every 3 months to see if that helps. Do you have endometriosis?

      Yes, I would love to swap! Just fill out my passionfruit account under "sponsor"

      Thanks Kate!

  5. oh! and yes. let's button swap, my dear.


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