Halloween Grinch

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is it okay to admit that I'm not a huge fan of Halloween? Sure I loved it as a kid. You dress up in darling miniature sized costumes and trick-or-treat door to door.

Now that im in my 20's I'm just not a huge fan! I can't even really remember the last time I dressed up besides maybe throwing on something real quick for a church party. I hate that Halloween for adults has turned into dressing up as the "slutty version" of whatever. I'm also not a huge fan of scary, gory, creepy, things, so that certainly doesn't help.

It is fun to decorate your home with some cute Fall decorations though. This year I really didn't do much. Maybe because the paint in our new apartment is orange so it already felt like Halloween. We do have one decoration! A little fall wreath. I hung it on the inside of our door instead of the outside because I was afraid it would get stolen in our downtown apartment. Ha!

I happened to stumble upon this picture from my 2nd year of college. I think we were dressed up as 80's models or something. Actually, I don't think this was even Halloween. I think we were just being funny 18 year old girls. But I'll still let you enjoy this silly picture. 

What is your favorite part of Halloween? Do you go all out? What are your favorite traditions?


  1. We go all out!! Or at least, we want to but I am so unorganized we end of just watching horror movies all day! ;)

  2. I'm not really a big fan of Halloween either. I liked it as a kid but as I get older I'm not that into it. I do love some good fall decorations though!

  3. i do love it. i just LOVE dressing up, i will take any excuse to do so!

  4. I do love halloween- I love decorating my house more than every at this time. However, I am not a big trick or treater, dresser upper or scary movie watcher. I am however a big candy eater- But, that's all year round. ha! xo

  5. I'm not really a Halloween fan either. My fiance and I just hid from the trick or treaters and stayed in to plan a little more of our big day! Much more fun than any costume or candy =) The best thing about living in the UK is that Halloween is the last big thing before Christmas, so it's finally ok to throw on some festive tunes and start buying gifts and drinking mulled wine!!
    Love, Nikki Joy x


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