22 Years Old

Monday, July 9, 2012

 For the Fourth of July my family has a tradition of going up to my grandparent's house and then going to Liberty Days. The night is full of dancing and then a firework display. We had quite the large crowd this year with lots of friends and extended family. I decided it would be a good stupid idea to start doing the worm during the dance and ended up being very sore the next day. Brilliant, I know.

The next day was my birthday and what an interesting day it was. There were no candles, or cake, or singing "Happy Birthday."

 I opened up my present's in a parking lot in Salt Lake.

 I found out I had a kidney infection.

I got drenched in the rain.

It was just a funny day, but I still loved it.

So now I'm 22 years old. In my short few years of life I feel like so much has happened. I've lived in 11 cities, had 8 different jobs, finished my associates degree at BYU-Idaho, received my Master Esthetician License, (just as soon as I get licensed in Utah!) and overcame some pretty tough challenges thrown my way. I'm pretty happy with where my life is. I am blessed with amazing friends, and family. I have an incredibly supportive and loving fiance, and I  have an abundance of opportunities awaiting me. I think 22 is going to be a good year. 

Bring it on. 

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